• DOS term progs +Door mode +Mystic

    From blakespot@80:774/22 to All on Thu Jun 27 17:11:32 2019
    I have tried various terminal programs under DOS on my Tandy 1000HX and my, faster, 5x86 160MHz DOS PC in connecting to Mystic and navigating the Message area with Lightbar UI. Even when I go into Doorway Mode in the term programs, the arrow keys do not work properly to navigate things. They work fine with SyncTerm on a modern machine, but not with this old terminal programs that support Doorway mode. This is also the case with such terminal programs
    I've tried on the Amiga, including JR-Comm.

    DOS term programs I've tried include Telix, Qmodem, Commo, ProComm.

    Is there a chance for a tweak to Mystic / Lightbar to get this working? I
    hear that Mystic devs are super up for input and improvement. What else can I provide to help?



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