• Amiga DMS on Mystic

    From Night Stalker@80:519/0 to All on Tue Jun 5 19:38:28 2018
    Hey folks.. just a quick little message here for you Mystic sysops that can't figure out what to do with file descriptions for your Amiga DMS files.. well
    I was fiddling cuz I have many thousand DMS files so I figure out how to get Mystic to pull the FILE_ID.DIZ from the first sector of the DMS file.

    It's simple really.. This is for linux only (but should work for windows if
    you can find the tool)..

    install xdms .. it should be in your linux distro's repo.. if not, grab the source and build it yourself.

    in mystic archive config add a new entry

    Active: Yes
    Extension: DMS
    OS: Linux
    Desc: Amiga DMS
    Pack Cmd
    Unpack Cmd: xdms d "%1" > "%3/file_id.diz"

    You only need the unpack line for FILE_ID.DIZ.. the only problem is if there
    is no DIZ description it will import a blank file.. I'll refine it in a shell script later when I have time and thought.. I can have it check to see if th file_id.diz is 0 byte then maybe have it append 'No Description' or something to the diz

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