• TIPI and a Raspberry PI

    From Beery@80:774/27 to All on Tue Aug 21 20:32:08 2018
    Most of the active TI'ers should already know this, but for those that do
    not, I am posting this note here. I am also going to cross post this message onto some other Retro platforms.

    We have a user that has interfaced a Raspberry PI to the TI-99/4A through a hardware interface. This hardware interface serves up information to the TI-99/4A as though it were a floppy or hard disk drive controller. Files are stored on the SD card and the device service routines on the interface talks
    to the PI through python scripts.

    In addition, the USB interface on PI allows access to the mouse as well as Telnet capabilities and high level HTTP access.

    Pretty interesting and unique setup as hardware gets scarce, etc.

    If you want more information, begin looking at


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