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    From Auriavizia@80:774/40 to All on Wed Jan 8 15:05:52 2020
    is there anybody who has been working in IBM AIX?
    I got one, there is AIX version 4.3.3. Unfortunately, there is no operating system disk or tapes with it. I have access to service processor, but problem is how to get access to operating system. There is some service manuals available in net, but i haven't found operating system anywhere.
    All kind of information is welcome.
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  • From Allerian@80:774/69 to Auriavizia on Thu Jan 9 19:17:40 2020
    Saw your machine on Reddit I think.

    Head on over to Winworldpc.com. In the library area you will find mutiple versions of AIX for download.

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