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    But I guess MiniComputers would be on topic here. They are not really mainframes, but they are not PC's either. Simple explanation would be
    Small Business multiuser computer I guess.

    I've been using "Mini" computers since I was in my teens. In the late
    70s, when I was in in Jr High or Highschool, I would go to my Dad's
    office and play blackjack on an IBM Series/3.

    In 1982 my Dad created his own consulting company and I went to work
    for him and started programming in RPGII on an IBM System/34. Later we
    upgraded to a System/36 and I supported System/36's and AS400s
    (including AS400s in Sys/36 mode) up until 2006 or so.

    In 2006 I went to work for one of my clients (consulting business was dwindling. At that time they had an AS/36 (AS400 in Sys/36 mode). Since
    then we had several upgrades, ending up on an IBM iSeries.

    So I've run the gambit from IBM Series/3 to the latest iSeries. I
    really have no desire to ever get a Sys/34 or Sys/36 myself, but I do
    like collecting memorabilia.


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