• Clockworkpi GameShell

    From NuSkooler@80:774/20 to All on Sun Aug 5 13:41:56 2018
    Got my GameShell in the mail a few days ago, put it together yesterday. So far,
    pretty slick! The processor is approx equiv to a RPi3, and the system itself feels very much like a Gameboy. Started loading various libretro emulators on the thing, most of them play quite well. I'd like to try a Pico-8 on it which a
    few people have had success with as well.

    The system can be ssh'd into or browsed as a SMB/CIFS share via Windows. Going to play through Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (color mod edition) first I

    Any recomendations on handheld games I should be playing?

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