• Watson Jr. Emulation

    From Miken@80:505/2 to All on Tue Apr 25 17:26:00 2017
    Dear All,

    while browsing around the Hercules web-pages.. I discovered something that really attracted my attention. It's kind of Emulation. And I guess it could
    be taken as retro in the current state of things.

    What I'd like to share with You is an article of IBM AI Watson Emulation
    called Watson Jr. It's more just a description ... but I think it could be interesting to even consider building emulate Your own retro-super-ai-machine.

    Here is the link: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/InsideSystemStorage/entry/ib m_watson_how_to_build_your_own_watson_jr_in_your_basement7?lang=en

    What I was looking for was the path to own mainframe from commodity hardware with what will I continue in another Forum.

    And I'm again sorry if that's off-topic and not too much retro (while from 2011). I posted it here as an retro-emulation of current IBM's AI flagship.

    I just felt like sharing it here.

    Best regards


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