• IBM PC 5110 stuff

    From voidstar@80:505/18 to All on Mon Aug 30 18:42:06 2021
    Before the IBM PC 5150 was the IBM PC 5100... 1975

    I actually have a 5110, a 1978 version of the 5100.
    Same processor, but... I have an IEEE-488 port, and no cassette deck :(
    Curious if anyone knows of any IBM 5100 contacts. Would like to find a working cassette deck (not going to even try that fridge size disk drive - although an SD emulated disk drive would be nice; got one for the IEEE-488
    port on the PET and C64, might one be possible for the 5110?)

    Anyone know of anyone who still has a 5100 or 5110, or any estimates on how many were ever built?

    Posting in emulation section because there actually is a good 5100 emulator online. But hoping someone can build a cassette or disk emulator for this system.

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