• Re: It's Castle Rock's Repost of old messages ;)

    From bcw142@80:603/0.2 to Necromaster on Fri Dec 2 13:40:00 2016
    On 09/21/16, Necromaster said the following...

    === Mystic BBS v1.12 A31 (Windows)
    # Origin: Necronomicon BBS - necrobbs.strangled.net (80:774/1)
    --- SBBSecho 3.00-Win32
    * Origin: Castle Rock BBS - Rio Rancho, NM (80:505/0)

    Yes! That's Castle Rock the RTN & FSX Net echo of month's past messages to
    all. Just in case you missed any, here they come again, and again, and

    ...Brought to you by Castle Rock's old fashion EchoMail loops ;(

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A31 (Linux)
    * Origin: Mystic AlphaTest bcw142.zapto.org:2323 (80:603/0.2)