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    From Jagossel@80:774/93 to All on Fri Jun 28 23:12:00 2019

    Has anyone looked for and (possibly) played any hand-held game emulators?
    The only ones that I've found for Android was these Radio Shack hand-held games, and some variants of these XX-in-1 hand-held games.

    Whate was your experience like? Did it bring any nostalgia for you?

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  • From thatonechap@80:774/22 to Jagossel on Fri Aug 30 08:40:46 2019
    why not just get an actual copy of whatever handheld you're looking for? it might be a little expensive, but i think it's easy enough to find them
    cheaply on amazon or e-bay. i know the games might be a little harder to find that way, but with people like nintendo cracking down HARD on ROMS lately, it may be harder just to find the ROMS.

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  • From rmgr@80:774/20 to thatonechap on Tue Sep 3 04:12:09 2019
    These days I'm using a bittboy pocketgo handheld emulator for my SNES/Gameboy gaming pleasure and it's going amazingly! (Is that a word?)

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