• WinVice and IDE64

    From Bucko@80:774/70 to All on Sat Nov 24 14:52:53 2018
    Anyone using WinVice and IDE64? If so how is it running? I am tryingto setup
    my 2 Commodore BBS' on it, I was able to get a 64 meg cfa Image to be seen,
    and can access it, REL files are tough they are hit and miss. I tried to
    setup a FD4000 as drive 8 and the IDE64 as drive 12 which is how they set it up, I can't even boot off the drive 8 with it (I have to use the beta dos
    from a couple of weeks ago because the older dos has issues with both the
    x64sc and the scpu emulation).. Anyone using this have any tips??

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