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    From Beery@80:774/27 to All on Fri Oct 12 14:04:03 2018
    Thought I would post a note and plug a product I bought for a very old
    computer that has MFM drives.

    A company at www.DREM.info has come out with Version 2 of their emulator
    board. It interfaces to one's MFM controller card and presently supports either two floppies or two hard drives using a SD card for storage. With updates in the future, it will support both two floppies and two hard drives simultaneously.

    I bought two units ($269 apiece) for a TI-99/4A and a Geneve 9640 computer. These two computers used the same controller card and was just slightly different from some more common MFM controller chips of the time. Oleksandr, the software developer, quickly got to work and tweaked the formats and now I have an alternative to a 30 year old MFM drive that I question when will be
    the last time it boots up.

    If you have an older, orphan system, this is definitely an option worthy of consideration. It's also the cheapest option on the market for any MFM emulation device.


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