• SuperPET Super-OS/9

    From crossfader@80:774/81 to All on Tue Feb 16 20:53:56 2021
    is anybody out there, who has tried OS/9 in 6809-mode of C= SuperPET? I got the
    System-DiskImage now, and tested it. But It lacks the documentation. It's Version 1.1 from Toronto PET User Group and probably the only one available on web. From SuperPET Gazette 07/85 I know there once have been 4 Disks containing
    further documentation and some modules with support for additional Disk Drives. I also haven't found any manual for the included "cbmwrite" tool, that should help to export files over the underlaying CBM DOS. Some adverts from the
    80ies say, it has support for a RAMDISK, but I couldn't find that.

    Perhaps Multitasking on 8-Bit Systems is still quite unknown. But a challenging
    experience. I think the SuperPET is best equipped for that experience. And There might be a lot of usefull compilers and dev tools for the OS/9 Level I Systems around. Unfortunately I couldn't find much more than the Waterloo Language Packs for the SuperPET and those are not OS/9 at all.


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