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    From AURELIUS@80:61/0 to ALL on Sat Nov 30 15:31:00 2019
    Hey everyone!

    I recently acquired a TI-99/4a with 2 joysticks. I haven't picked it up yet but
    I don't believe it has any casettes with it. I am definitely interested in trying to get the 32k RAM expansion, and perhaps (someday!) the Peripheral Expansion Box (but they seem to be veeeery pricey).

    I know there are a couple projects out there that have made modern solutions to
    this, but both the major projects I can find (Nano-PEB and TIPI) seem to be out of stock or the shipping is super expensive. I have almost all the parts on
    hand for one of the 32k boards, perhaps I will just send the gerbers off to get made and then throw one together.

    Anyway, if you are in Canada (specifically the GTA) and you have stuff you would be willing to part with at a reasonable price (or potentially trade!) then feel free to respond here, or shoot me an email at (aurelius) (at) (riseup) (dot) (net)


    PS I also have a VIC-20 and would love to expand its RAM as well!

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