• Necronomicon & RetroNet

    From Carlos Roldan@80:774/1 to All on Wed Mar 15 20:01:48 2017
    Hello all.

    Soon I will be having RetroNet and Necronomicon BBS items for sale. All
    incone is to be used to support the continued availability of both systems.
    I am not trying to be a cry baby with a sad story but I am unemployed due to disabilities from a broken tibia (2 metal plates and 11 screws on my right leg), dupuytrens on both hands having lost a finger, heart attack and other medical conditions. I have done my best with what little $ I had to keep
    both systems up and running, a hobby that I highly love. But instead of
    asking for donations, I will try and sell merchandise related to both
    systems. Thanks guys/gals.

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