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    From djatropine@80:774/11 to Geri Atricks on Sun Feb 2 16:35:15 2020

    I had a atari 2600. :D I also remember the most annoying game ever. E.T.

    I recently found an E.T. cartridge at our local arcade and got it. Since
    a large number of them went into that landfill, I imagine that the few copies still floating around out there will soon become collectors items if they aren't already.

    Now I just need to get me a 2600 so I can play it and see if it's
    actually as bed as everyone claims.

    Would be really great if I could something to connect to my computer and let me plug a cart into it and use stella or another emu to play it.

    -Dallas Vinson (AKA: Geri Atricks, Lupine Furmen)

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    I have a Atari 5200 :D

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