• Amiga screen capture.

    From paulie420@80:505/12 to All on Tue Feb 16 19:58:42 2021
    your reivew,


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    a script that randomly plays Amiga
    demos on an emulated Amiga box. I simply want the box to play randomly from a huge collection of demos I've accumulated.

    Any info/ideas about how to do this? I haven't gotten as far as starting to write an ARexx script, documentation isn't SUPER easy to find... and I'm sure my desire to randomize it will create a couple hurdles. So, just feeling out the BBS scene for any data you might have.

    2, I want to record the screen of an Amiga system. Would you suggest using Amiga software, or is my plan of using a capture card the much better route? I think a capture card will serve my purpose well, but it failed when I connected
    the cheapy one I bought a while back on Amazon. Maybe it NEEDS to be connected
    to USB to work, but that don't make no sense... and the passthru wasn't working; however if this is the obvious way to capture video, I'll get a