• IDE Group Buy is HERE!

    From SHIFT838@80:774/27 to All on Fri Jun 12 00:14:28 2020
    Hello fellow TI and Geneve Users!

    The new round of the IDE Group Buy is finally here!

    It’s amazing that this card is being reborn from it’s original files and designs by Theirry Nouspikel to help get more of these jems in TI and Geneve users PEB units.

    I am opening up the PRE-ORDER effective immediately. The preorder will last through June 25, 2020. No new pre-orders will be offered for this round.

    I have quite a few options on the IDE Pre-Order on my store. Such as IDE2CF, IDE2SD card adapters, SD, CF cards, assemble services and more. I have also added the option if you would like to purchase my BQ4802 clock module for use with the IDE as a backup to the original BQ4847 that’s in the component
    kit. My clock module allows you to change the battery and crystal easily and are currently active components being manufactured. Please be sure to check out all options for the IDE card when adding it to your shopping cart.

    If no other options are chose but the IDE card then that is only a BARE PCB,
    so please review your orders before submitting to ensure everything is as you want it.

    There are other products in the store to cover if a user is sending me a card from the original run to assemble/test as well as purchasing of a separate
    IDE component kits, my clock module, etc.

    I am still working on the 3D case for the IDE2SD adapter. Just need to get
    my bed leveled a bit better. I’ll send an email to anyone that has
    interest in those, just let me know.

    If you are purchasing multiple cards then please only select one card and
    then select the options for that card, go back and repeat. This will ensure that each card gets flagged correctly on the order.

    For all buyers please be aware that shipping will be collected in a separate invoice when the item(s) are ready for shipment. This is to ensure that shipping and packaging are accurately calculated since there are many options that are offered on this pre-purchase and weight can be a factor of multiple cards and other items can be ordered. The IDE card and items will not be shipped until the shipping invoice is paid.

    All items will be shipped with tracking numbers for US and International as well as insurance for the amount of the invoice with no exceptions. All US packages will be shipped with US Priority Mail. For all international
    packages all custom forms will be submitted with accurate counts and value of items being shipped. Buyers will be responsible for paying any custom fees associated with the package or contents.

    No Batteries will be shipped if purchasing my SHIFT838 Clock module. This requires a CR2032 battery, which is easily obtainable.

    IDE cards will be smoke tested and burned in prior to shipping.

    I suspect it will take about 3 weeks to get the PCBs once ordered. The components will take 2 to 3 weeks as well.

    Orders will be filled by invoice number, so first in equals first out. I believe I will have quite a few cards to build, so please be patient. You
    can always check up on your order of where it is in the stack by emailing me directly. Please include your invoice/order #.

    Cancellations are not permitted as once the orders go in for the components
    and PCBs the items are already paid for.

    Direct Links:
    IDE Pre-order: https://shift838.fwscart.com/IDE_Card_PRE-ORDER/p5569983_20518961.aspx

    Separate Component Purchase if not buying IDE card: https://shift838.fwscart.com/IDE_Component_Kit/p5569983_20531831.aspx

    Assembly Service Charge of older run boards: https://shift838.fwscart.com/IDE_Assemble_Fee/p5569983_20532062.aspx

    SHIFT838 Clock Module: https://shift838.fwscart.com/SHIFT838_RTC_Module_for_TI-994A_IDE_Card/p5569983_ 20533297.aspx


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  • From Beery@80:774/27 to SHIFT838 on Fri Jun 12 11:00:52 2020

    Just a FYI, I also forwarded your message into the comp.sys.ti group as well. There are a few people out there that check that area.


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  • From SHIFT838@80:774/27 to Beery on Sat Jun 13 23:15:23 2020
    Thanks for forwarding it to the group. The more the merrier!

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