• IDE Group Buy

    From SHIFT838@80:774/27 to All on Thu Apr 9 11:57:12 2020
    I am hosting another IDE Group Buy as we did back in 2005/2006. This will
    use the same board designed by Thierry. I am trying to incorporate a
    different real time clock module to one that is more available today.
    I have setup a google spreadsheet for people to put their name on the list.

    Make sure you put your contact e-mail as that is how I will be communicating
    it all.

    I have posted this on AtariAge and Heatwave as well.

    I will be selling bare boards, complete DIY kits, components kits and
    offering pre-assembled. when filling out the spreadsheet remember that if
    you put in 1 components and 1 board this will equal one complete unit unassembled. If you want more of the boards or component kits please
    annotate accordingly and put it in the notes field to clarify.

    Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d7r1q-0T7MD1ABla3pJ2ALOibKyLv8DnafGata0 JJTs/edit?usp=sharing

    I have a few boards and a set of components on their way to verify the build can work with the new RTC chip.


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