• TI-99/A grab..

    From PalKat@80:505/6 to All on Sun Mar 15 08:59:10 2020
    Just picked up one, like new in the original box with manuals for $20. The
    guy advertised it never used, but looking at it in person if it was used they just turned it on got over whelmed and boxed it back up for 30+ years. It is that clean and mint!

    Only thing it was missing was the PSU but that was taken care of for $14 on ebay plus shipping. So I am into this thing for $45 but that is still less
    than the original asking price on the TI which was $50. So I am happy and
    the fact it is like new with box is all the better.

    In the end I will build my own PSU but to get things going it was easier to
    buy one to make it complete.

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  • From Beery@80:774/27 to PalKat on Sun Mar 15 12:46:43 2020
    Sounds like you got a good deal.


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