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    From blakespot@80:774/22 to All on Mon Jan 13 11:31:25 2020
    I was sad to hear the new re: Yahoo Groups. I know Yahoo was -- at one point anyway -- a major TI community. I was part of it maybe 13-14 years ago, I guess. Was it still a major spot here recently, or had AtariAge, BBS, etc. taken over? It looks like folks have obtained archives, reading here, but unsure if they will be available in some form online somewhere.

    I have a '99 still, and not too long ago upgraded it with a F18a and a
    TIPIPeb. I intend to fire it up again today, it's been a few months sadly.

    I write about the TI (among many others...) on my blog. Here's a TI post from
    a couple years ago that folks may find interesting.

    https://is.gd/XB7PFU (ByteCellar is the blog)



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  • From Beery@80:774/27 to blakespot on Mon Jan 13 12:17:54 2020
    Technically, Yahoogroups has not disappeared. Now, the only way to read anything from the group is via a listserv feed. The web interface is gone.

    I've got a complete dump of the messages for historical purposes with my PG Offline 4 program, as well as I have imported the messages over into a
    message base on this BBS.


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