• MyTerm for the TIPI on the Geneve

    From Beery@80:774/27 to All on Wed Jul 10 13:09:46 2019

    I have just released MyTerm for the TIPI for use on the Geneve 9640. It uses the TIPI. MyTerm includes the ability to transfer files, phone directory,
    both monochrome and color based ANSI support.

    There may be a few cosmetic issues, but otherwise, the program is ready for general use.

    I have also written an installable library MyTerm uses for the TIPI. This
    will allow other future MDOS/TIPI programs to communicate easier without everyone creating new code. The library uses the XOP format for access.

    Also included with the archive is a file (TERM) that is just over 1K in size that will connect with The Keep, Heatwave, Fusion. and the 9640News BBS's.
    It is non-ANSI,but handles most of the graphics (not color) other terminal programs would display. This is all done within 1K of memory.

    Anwyays, guess that is about it.


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