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    From Spitfire@80:774/69 to All on Wed Mar 20 12:01:09 2019
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    CNet Amiga .DIZ settings

    OK, I checked in my system and logged in using a terminal to upload some files to make sure it still works. Here's my settings:

    First, under CONFIG -> Archivers in CNet CONTROL, under the .LHA archive type, add the following lines to Diz Extract and Diz Add respectively:

    lha e -X0 "%s" "%s"

    lha r "%s" %s"

    The default settings do not have the %'s, but K-Guide told me they ARE needed. Save your config, then reload CNet.

    Now, inside EACH UD base where you wish to process .DIZ files, use the EL command to make these changes on two different screens:

    In the Other Flags screen:

    New file validation: Yes

    File transformation: No (you might be able to have this as Yes)

    File testing: Immediate (I have the system do it then and there)

    Now, on the Diz Attributes screen:

    DIZ ArcTypes: 0-31 (Supposedly you only need to list the ID numbers
    of the archive types you've setup DIZ inside,