• aBSiNTHE pOinT System Unlocked

    From Anachronist@80:774/68 to All on Sat Feb 2 08:13:19 2019
    I'm happy to announce the release of the caaBSiNTHE pOiNTSq1 system! Callers recieve points for logging in, posting, responding, uploading, and other activities. These points are used to unlock caUncommonq1 and cbRareq1 avatars for their account as well as bragging rights. Drop in and start earning
    your capointsq1 to unlock some badass new ceavatarsq1!

    cdaNACHRONiSTq1 cb|q1 cal0RD oF aBSiNTHE BBSq1

    z0cA.z0cFz0cA------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------.z0
    z0cA|z0cD "*BRILLIANT!*" - Amanda
    z0cA|z0 z0cA`------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----'z0

    --- CNet/5
    * Origin: Badass Amiga Board aBSiNTHE BBS absinthebbs.net:1940 (80:774/68)