• aBSiNTHE Avatar and Chat Release!

    From Anachronist@80:774/68 to All on Fri Jan 25 17:05:23 2019
    It's out! The first part of the ceaBSiNTHE Overhaulq1! This includes FIVE new
    mods that have to be seen to be believed. The new Avatar system is a first on Amiga and the implementation here is very comprehensive- including a new ceWhoq1 system, new ceUser Statusq1 system, updated ceOLMq1 system, and the crowning jewel, caaBSiNTHE cHATq1! This is a brand new chat interface that replaces cbCNETq1's system. It has killer features, including some that have never been seen before on *any* system!

    Stop by today and see what cbCNETq1 can do!

    n1c6aceNACHRONc6iceST cd| c2acaBSc2icaNTHE BBSc6


    z0cA|z0cD "*BRILLIANT!*" - Amanda z0cA|z0


    --- CNet/5
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