• Upcoming Phenom Release: Corona Tracker

    From Anachronist@80:774/68 to All on Fri Mar 27 20:05:17 2020
    Announcing the upcoming release of cdPhenomq1's new mod for cbAmiga
    CNETq1, ceMystic BBSq1, and cfEnigma 1/2q1: caCorona Trackerq1! This
    mod tracks the developing statistics of the c2COVID-19q1 outbreak across the world as well as detailed statistics for the top five countries most affected. It's my hope that this mod will not be needed soon, but for now this helps us and our callers keep our fingers on the pulse of the pandemic.

    This is the first of my multi-platform mods. It will work on any BBS that can run python 2.7 and display ANSI in addition to cbAmiga CNETq1. It is currently being tested on caAbsinthe BBSq1 and ccInk Two BBSq1 and will be released within the next two weeks, at which time it will be available to all boards via cdPhenomq1. Going forward, ccInk Twoq1 will be the exclusive test board for all Mystic work that I do. Feel free to swing by either of
    these boards to see it now.

    Another release announcement fromcd Phenomq1 will be coming soon!

    cb cdaNACHRONiST c1| caabsinthebbs.net:1940q1

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  • From Djatropine@80:774/68 to Anachronist on Sat Mar 28 01:34:04 2020
    Well it's better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it.

    Another benefit: Those who prefer or rely on text based interfaces.

    With regards,

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