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    From Spitfire@80:774/69 to All on Wed Mar 11 20:46:09 2020
    How to set up TrapList when you have multiple networks on C-Net...

    Creat a file called Fido.cfg and place it in your CNet:Mail/ Directory. The file should look something like this...

    --- CUT ---
    ; **********************************************
    ; *** Simple TrapList configuration file ***
    ; **********************************************
    Zone 1 ; default zone number
    NodeListPath "Nodelist:" ; my nodelist directory

    BufferSize 65536 ; use 64k buffer for file i/o

    NodeList "NODELIST" Diff "NODEDIFF" ; FidoNet nodelist & -diff
    NodeList "AmyList" ; AmigaNet nodelist
    NodeList "retronet" ; RetroNet nodelist
    Nodelist "cnet" ; C=Net nodelist
    Nodelist "araknet" ; ArakNet nodelist

    CheckCRC ; make sure that nodelists are okay
    DelOldLists ; delete the old nodelists when diff'ed
    DelOldDiffs ; delete the old nodediffs when processed

    Report Sysdata:log/Traplist ; put reports into this file
    Comment SA ; write Sysop and All comments
    ; to the report file

    ; Necronomicon BBS: teln
  • From Bucko@80:774/70.2 to Spitfire on Thu Mar 12 18:53:17 2020
    Thanks for the info.. I haven't decided whether or not I will play with it, but
    I just might.. Thanks...
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