• aBSiNTHElYNX Launched

    From Anachronist@80:774/68 to All on Wed Aug 14 13:43:25 2019
    I'm very pleased to announch the launch of a major new feature to caaBSiNTHE BBSq1- a full text browser for ceGopherq1, ceFTPq1, and ceHTTPq1! Now users can explore the techno-wasteland of ceGopherspaceq1, access and download from q1FTPq1, and find parts of the net that are not readily available otherwise. Integration features include:

    * Fast and seamless integration with C-NET
    * Download files straight from caaBSiNTHE BBSq1
    * Auto-adjusts to the terminal height and width settings in C-Net prefs
    * Custom color scheme and art
    * aBSiNTHE uNDERGR0OUND- unique portal with useful links, updated in one place

    You can spend hours exploring all of the cool things here. Read and download over 59000 books from ceProject Gutenbergq1, browse and download from ceAminetq1 in an interface that is seriously better than the web right to your cbAmigaq1, check out ceWikipediaq1, get multiple newsfeeds, weather forecasts, it goes on and on. Non-Amiga terminals have issues displaying the text-reverse mode for highlighted links, so that can be a challenge for ceSynctermq1, ceNetrunnerq1, etc. A capable cbAmigaq1 terminal such as ceTerm 4.8q1 is highly recommended.

    Future versions will bring several upgrades. Enjoy this amazing feature! Where else but ceabsinthebbs.net:1940q1 :)

    cdaNACHRONiST c1| caabsinthebbs.net:1940q1

    z0cA.z0cFz0cA------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------.z0
    z0cA|z0cD "A hundred years of forgetting and it all comes rushing back..." z0cA|z0 z0cA`------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----'z0

    --- CNet/5
    * Origin: Badass Amiga Board aBSiNTHE BBS absinthebbs.net:1940 (80:774/68)