• 10 New Pfiles!

    From Spitfire@80:774/69 to All on Sun May 19 08:58:15 2019
    There is a new Alpha release of a new game on RoF. Along with 9 other new games to play. The latest is called Canoga by Dotoran. A classic bar game
    most know as Shut The Box. Come check it out and look forward with this game's future releases that will offer Single player to Multi-Players. You can
    be playing and players up to 3 more at a time can come and challenge you.

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  • From Crackerjak@80:774/82 to Spitfire on Sun May 19 15:58:12 2019
    enjoying the game here too. I haven't shut the box yet, but I got down to a 2. c4ķ
    ķķķ ķķ ķ
    Ķ зĽ Ķз
    Ľ Ľ Ľ
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