• DotsBBSList Manual Bug Fix...

    From Dotoran@80:774/69 to All on Fri May 10 22:34:28 2019
    Thanks to Falken for finding this little bug in the lister:

    If you EDIT a field for a BBS entry, then SAVE and return to the main menu, you'll note that edited info does NOT display on the appropriate version listing, but if you EXIT the lister, then RE-ENTER the list, you'll see the changes, so the edits DID save, but the lister didn't refresh itself.

    The fix for this is so minor, I'm not going to release an entirely new archive,
    but list the needed change to fix this bug. Make the following 2 changes to BOTH the "bbslist" and "bbslist_bkup" files:

    To line 2, change: v1.00 (May-06-2019)
    to: v1.01 (May-10-2019)

    To line 629, change: call delay(12)
    to: call INIT

    Thanks again Falken. You da man! ;-)
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  • From Bucko@80:774/70 to Dotoran on Sat May 11 01:21:59 2019
    Still gotta download it! Jeez.. I will....

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