• aBSiNTHE Radio Unlocked

    From Anachronist@80:774/68 to All on Sun Apr 21 07:57:30 2019

    It's time! caaBSiNTHE Radioq1 is released. This mod combines my love of the golden age of radio(specifically the Horror, Weird, Mystery, and Sci-fi genres)
    with BBSing. Users can operate an c5arcane radioq1 to select various channels featuring killer shows such as ceSuspenseq1, ceLights Out!q1, ceSherlock Holmesq1, and more. Every day each show is updated with a new episode. This means thousands of episodes as the archives are vast. Information
    such as air date, episode name, and series version will be displayed as available. It will continue to be expanded with new shows and new features.

    Come on by and check it out, where else but caaBSiNTHE BBSq1!

    c6aNACHRONiST cb| caaBSiNTHE BBSq1

    z0cA.z0cFz0cA------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------.z0
    z0cA|z0cD A modem is a baudy house.
    z0cA|z0 z0cA`------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----'z0

    --- CNet/5
    * Origin: Badass Amiga Board aBSiNTHE BBS absinthebbs.net:1940 (80:774/68)