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    Hello. It's been pretty quiet here for a l-o-n-g time.

    Yeah, i can see that. BBSing sure isnt like it used to be.

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    Hello. It's been pretty quiet here for a l-o-n-g time.

    Yeah, i can see that. BBSing sure isnt like it used to be.

    No matter the hobby, kids nowadays are so enamored with their
    smartphones and tablets, that they don't give a rats rear end
    about the heritage, history, current state, or future of the
    hobby. Two of my other hobbies besides the BBS, amateur radio
    and square dancing...are just like what I noted above. The
    "old guard" is dying off, and we can't get "new blood" to
    replace them.

    When an EMP occurs, and all the electronics are fried, the
    kids will go into a panic...as that's all their lives revolve


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    By: Daryl Stout to Gate Keeper on Sun Apr 09 2023 11:14 am

    Hey Daryl,

    Yeah I agree, BBSing is old tech for us old folks hi hi. At least ham radio is alive and well, my other hobbie is racing RC cars at a few local tracks. That is very alive and well!!

    73, N4DLT

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    Yeah I agree, BBSing is old tech for us old folks hi hi. At least ham radio is alive and well, my other hobbie is racing RC cars at a few
    local tracks. That is very alive and well!!

    First, apologies for the long message, but I've got a lot to talk about
    Ham radio operators love to talk and eat...and I do both with this reply
    (hi hi). I have to put humor in my conversations, as if I don't, I'm prone
    to crying and depression. It sucks living alone (I've been a widower for
    over 16 years, and my wife and I never had kids to medical issues), and
    without driving anymore (noted below), except for medical appointments
    (at least I get groceries and medications delivered), I'm home 24/7 now.

    I've done a lot of technical stuff the last few days. I normally can
    write a batchfile for the BBS, but my programming ENDS at setting the
    clock on the microwave oven...if I forget how to do that, I'll starve
    to death. The microwave oven is the ONLY way I cook, and that's my
    extent of microwave communications (hi hi). The arthritis is so bad now,
    that I have to use a cane or walker around the house, and a walker when
    I go out on errands.

    I'm just a decrepit old f@r+ (hi hi)...but I tell folks that "I'm too
    old to cut the mustard, but I can still stir the mayonnaise, and lick
    the jar. So, pass the BLT, Onion Ring, and Doctor Pepper, and no one
    gets hurt" (hi hi).

    Anyway, I figured out how to use Fusion with the BlueDV program by
    David, PA7LIM, with my DVMegaStick 30 from GigaParts (I also have a
    couple of the THumbDV devices from Northwest Digital Radio)...each are
    CHEAPER than the DV Dongle (which I don't think is made or supported

    I had been using the BlueDV program mainly for D-Star, and at times,
    TGIF on the QuadNet Array. But, I figured out how to use it on Fusion
    on the KC-WIDE Network, and made several contacts with it. I added a
    bunch of their nets to the Excel Net List Spreadsheets of selected
    D-Star, Echolink, and D-Rats Nets, in Eastern, Central, Mountain, and
    Pacific Time.

    I started those, as the data at dstarinfo.com, WAS (and likely STILL IS) woefully out of date. There are well over 200 nets in there...you can get
    these from the hyperlink on my bio (WX4QZ) on the QRZ website, or go to http://www.wx4qz.net/elk.htm -- also on that page are several PDF files
    related to amateur radio...including:

    A) An explanation of UTC Time, with a converting link...and links to
    other modes and nets (DMR, AllStar, Fusion, HamSphere, CQ100, etc.).
    Those who are lamenting "there aren't any ham radio nets" just aren't
    looking for them. In some slots with the spreadsheets, there can be
    6 nets (or more) meeting at the same time!!

    B) Operating Internet Radio. For those with HOA's, CC&R's, or medical
    issues (I myself have congestive heart failure), one can still take part
    in the hobby, and their license "isn't just a sheet of paper". I'm on
    Lasix (which wasn't my pee-rogative (hi hi)), but I've known several who
    have had that for years.

    C) Ham Radio Humor. If you need a laugh, there are a bunch of items in
    this file...including where I united Ham and Radio in Holy Telephony,
    with "the first night together", verified from "a trusted group of Offical Observers" (hi hi), plus 12 things from the ham radio hobby as "The 12
    Days Of Hamming". Also in that file, is "The E.D. Net" (you had to be
    there (hi hi)), "The Missing Q Signals" (some not suitable for on the
    air, but great for eyeball QSO's, as "dirty old hams need love, too"),
    and a joke of what happens with CW (in this case, Continuous Whoopee)
    with the Quick Disconnect Antennas (for a quickie)(hi hi).

    D) Mode Overview on Net Etiquette (I wish that was in the Question
    Pools), setting up D-Star, D-Rats, the BlueDV program, working with
    the QuadNet Array, and more.

    Next, last night, I went to install a .NET security update on the
    Windows 10 desktop (where the BBS is), and the Windows 11 laptop,
    where I answer my BBS mail, and do my email, web surfing, etc. Due
    to sound card issues on the Lenovo Laptop and Windows 11, I have to
    do the BlueDV and the nets with the Windows 10 computer. Yet, I can
    run CQ100, Echolink, D-Rats, and RMS Express (for Winlink 2000) on
    the Windows 11 laptop. If I knew then, what I know now...I *NEVER*
    would've upgraded to Windows 11. And, I've heard several hams note
    that Windows 11 stopped several programs and radios from working
    properly. At least that .NET security update didn't lock the reboot
    on the Windows 11 machine, although it took 2 cycles of reboots on
    its own to finish things.

    The problem developed when the Windows 10 system got hung during
    the reboot...and I thought "the BBS and my nets were history". So,
    I did some "Windows Repair" deals (I did it twice), and I finally
    got it to boot right, and reload the BBS.

    We had severe storms and flash flooding in my area last Friday,
    and my internet has been erratic at best, and non-existent at worst,
    over the last week. I couldn't do the Trains Net last Friday night,
    or the QCWA Digital Net last Sunday. At least I can still go in over
    the LAN to logon to the BBS, even if the internet is out. I did see
    where some Gulf Of Mexico water temperatures have now eclipsed the
    100 degree mark...that's "hot tub" water!! If a hurricane gets into
    that, it's going to be "Katie Bar The Door" along the Gulf Coast.

    Today, I figured out how to get the LetaSoft sound enhancer to
    work on the laptop. Originally, it had disabled the sound drivers,
    and I thought "Well, I wasted my money". But today, I discovered a
    setting "Fix Compatability Issues", and Voila!! I have a bit louder
    volume from the laptop than before. This is helpful when I have the
    air conditioning running (we've been under Heat Advisories as well
    as Excessive Heat Warnings lately, and that looks to last through
    much of next week), or a small oscillating fan in the bedroom.

    I normally use a headset mic on the Windows 10 machine when I do
    D-Star, Fusion, or TGIF. I've used DMR very SPARINGLY, and think
    of the meme where a ham radio operator has a cardboard sign "NOT

    Next, I was finally able to redeem most of my Amtrak Guest Rewards
    points for Amazon Gift Cards, in the amount of $475. So, I bought
    several items (but the last one didn't arrive until yesterday). My
    final cost was only $35 (shipping was free, since the order was over $25)...which WAS music to my ears ...and bank account (hi hi).

    I got these items:

    1) A pair of simple oven mitts. I have one of those "pasta boats" to
    cook macaroni with the microwave oven. I add water to the desired fill
    line, add the macaroni, and cook for 15 minutes. The mitts keep me
    from burning myself when I put the lid on it to drain off the water
    after cooking (that steam is scalding hot!). Then, I can add powdered
    cheese mix to it, or just eat it plain, for the carbs and starch. When
    someone told me to cut carbs, I sliced a pizza...and I burned 500
    calories when I left a pizza in the oven (hi hi).

    I've determined that H.A.M. stands for 2 things:

    A) Have Another Meal. You don't call us late for dinner...and if you eat
    ham, you're cannibalistic!!

    B) Haven't Any Money. If you've looked at the "porn catalogs" for
    gear...if it says CALL/WEB, you know you CAN'T afford it!! It's
    "porn" as the prices are so nasty!! A few years ago at Hamvention,
    there was a DC to Daylight rig for $20,000!! Now, one could outfit
    a nice ham shack, or buy a nice pre-owned car for that...but for
    one rig, that's OVERKILL...pure and simple.

    Yet, I've seen at the big hamfests, where hams will lay down 1 or
    more $100 bills to get a "brick" of 250 prize tickets. Admittedly,
    if you win the grand prize or a nice rig, you more than got your
    money back, especially if someone wants to buy it off of you.

    However, these same folks will scream bloody murder about dues to
    a ham radio club, or organization (the deal with ARRL raising their
    dues comes to mind...I know several hams who are going to let their
    ARRL membership lapse, because of it). Now, if you have expenses for
    food, shelter, utilities, or medical issues, those are obviously far
    more important than paying membership dues.

    Along that line, it reminds me of the meme where The Grim Reaper
    confronts this guy on the corner, and says to him "You know that
    fancy DC To Daylight Rig you purchased online behind your wife's
    back?? It came to your house while you were at work, and she
    signed for it. Do you want to go home and face the music, or do
    you want to come with me now??".

    2) Two small portable lights, that are charged via a USB cable. They
    are perfect for sitting here at the computer desk, and you just press
    the "spot" to turn it on or off, and hold it to increase or decrease
    the brightness. It can be folded up and taken anywhere you need a
    little bit of extra light.

    3) Numeric decals for my mailbox. The old numbers had fallen off,
    and while these turned out to be too big, I put them on top of the
    box, then put a second set on a piece of decal paper, and used 3
    paper clips to hold it in place. This way, emergency personnel can
    see the address from the street.

    4) AAA batteries. I still had plenty of AA batteries, but needed
    some AAA...and I don't mean the American Automobile Association
    (hi hi). I had to quit driving and sell my car over a year ago, due
    to dry corneas, causing blurred vision without warning. I do have
    suspect glaucoma, but the eye pressures are good, there's no sign
    of macular degeneration, or going blind...although I need blind
    hams to help me out of hamfest parking lots and hospital parking
    decks (see the Ham Radio Humor file for that)(hi hi).

    5) The best part -- FOOD!! These included:

    A) Several varieties of the small bags of Grandma's Cookies. These
    include chocolate chip (big and small), chocolate brownie, peanut
    butter, small vanilla cream sandwich cookies, and oatmeal raisin.
    Got to satisfy the sweet tooth, and to me, a meal isn't complete
    without dessert. Besides, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!!

    B) Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. In small microwave containers, you
    add water to the fill line BEFORE microwaving (it'll catch fire
    otherwise), and microwave for 3 1/2 minutes. Then, add the powdered
    cheese, stir it up, and you have a quick snack of Mac and Cheese.
    In the past, I've cooked up more than one, put it in a Corningware
    container, after adding things like microwaveable frozen peas, hot
    dogs, etc., for a nice casserole combination.

    C) Several varieties of Hormel Compleats. You microwave them for
    1 minute, then they're ready to eat. These include rice, chicken,
    and vegetables...chicken alfredo...spaghetti and meat sauce...turkey
    and dressing, salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and gravy...and
    a variety pack of several other items.

    Quantity wise, there's not much to these food items (they're smaller
    than the Banquet mini TV Dinner), but it's food nonetheless...and it
    gives me something to eat while taking my daily medications.

    If all goes well, except for some medical items, I won't need
    groceries again until October!!

    I've got to get away from the computer now...the dry corneas are
    acting up, so I'm going to crash out for a bit, before I go get some
    of that food I noted earlier.

    Daryl, WX4QZ

    ... "I never forget a face. In your case, I'll make an exception". -Groucho
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    Re: Hobbies
    By: Gate Keeper to Daryl Stout on Fri Jun 09 2023 06:52 pm

    Yeah I agree, BBSing is old tech for us old folks hi hi. At least ham radio is alive and well

    Is HAM radio really alive and well? I thought I heard not many people are talking on HAM radio these days, and those who are tend to talk about HAM radio..


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    Re: Hobbies
    By: Nightfox to Gate Keeper on Tue Aug 15 2023 03:20 pm

    Its very much alive and well. Just this morning ive talked to 13 countries.

    -Gate Keeper - N4DLT - Shelby, NC

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    Re: Hobbies
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    Its very much alive and well. Just this morning ive talked to 13 countries.

    What's alive and well? It would be good to quote the part of the message you're replying to.


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