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    Seminal PC shooter Quake famously featured a soundtrack composed by rock band Nine Inch Nails, and the game was littered with nice little nods to the fact - who can forget the ammo crates emblazoned with the familiar NIN logo? The soundtrack comprised 10 original tunes, which according to the NIN Wiki weren't actually given individual titles. It seems that fans of the industrial-themed US band will soon be able to rock out to the eerie ambience of 1996's hottest Lovecraftian, neo-Medieval FPS though, and more importantly through the medium of vinyl. As reported by video game music site Blip Blop, the NIN website is now listing the official Quake soundtrack LP as coming soon. There's little further information at present, but we'd hazard a guess that it'll include the entirety of the game's audio and possibly some nice extras. Expect more news soon on this intriguing release.

    Source: Blip Blop

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