• Even The Score (Original Soundtrack)

    From Lith@DIGDIST/ASIRTA to All on Thu Sep 14 18:29:12 2017
    Good Music and the vinyl also makes a good prop to put in a retro arcade.. Limited print run of 100

    Rick Donald had life all figured out. But life can change with the flip of a coin.

    This is a story about teen love, angst, action, a nemesis and an arcade tournament. I loved watching movies as a kid. Action and Sci Fi movies were great but nothing beat the teen dramas. Karate Kid, Sixteen Candles, Risky Business, My Bodyguard. These kind of stories need to come back because they felt real to us. Somehow their stories became ours. Rick, Sam, and the rest of the ETS cast are now real to me, and have worked their way into my teenage nostalgia. If you aren’t careful they’ll do the same to you.


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