• New Free service offering for the BBS Community - RetroDigital BBS

    From Deepend@DIGDIST/RDBBS to All on Sun Dec 18 02:26:35 2016
    RetroDigital has setup a Image hosting service. Wanted to offer a less commercialised image hosting solution for any images you may like to post as links in your messages.

    *This service is only being offered to people of the BBS community.*

    Guest uploads are currently enabled. Will continue to be that way unless the service gets abused.

    You may find the new service at:



    Synchronet RetroDigital BBS - rdnetbbs.com
  • From Deepend@DIGDIST/RDBBS to Deepend on Mon Dec 19 22:11:54 2016

    Sample uploaded image URL. Test it out. Let me know what you think.

    Synchronet RetroDigital BBS - rdnetbbs.com