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    From Sean Dennis@618:618/1 to Daryl Stout on Tue Jun 23 21:30:24 2020
    (Moved over to MIN_HAM from MIN_CHAT by me.)

    The latter allows you to do D-Star, DMR, and Fusion, with your computer...no rig is required. Considering the price of some of the
    D-Star rigs, and the difficulty of setting up code plugs with DMR, the BlueDV program is the best option, IMO. I have a graphic in my D-Rats Shared folder, where a ham is holding a sign that notes "Not
    Homeless... But Need Help With DMR" (hi hi).

    I will have to look into that when I'm able to afford it. It's
    something I'd be interested in.

    The poor conditions, and being stuck at home with COVID-19, has
    forced many hams to "get on the air", and some nets have reported increases in checkins.

    A lot of nets have been quite busy but here, I'm lucky if I get five
    people to check into a SKYWARN net.

    Oh, wow...I hope you get it. There's a 21 day waiting period for it,
    but at least there's no fee for it.

    The call I am trying for is KS4TD. My initials, STD, and yes, I know
    everyone hawhawing about that but when I was born, those letters didn't
    have the stigma they do now. Besides, I am tired of explaining on the
    air why I have a 5 call when I am in 4 land ...

    I can't get over how ignorant and stupid some people are, in regards
    to weather...especially even hams, in Skywarn, who should know better.

    Without going into too much detail, yes, I know exactly what you're
    talking about, including those who are certified spotters.


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