• DX Movies

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    Pileup On The Orient Express
    Gone With The Wind -- A Yagi Story
    Dxpedition To Skull Island By K1NG/K0NG
    Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Lid

    First BL0OD
    The Maltese Falklands
    To Live and Let Diode -- 0073
    Citizen Band
    Key Largo

    HamaLot -- The Old DXer is at it again
    Silence Of The Hams - Starring Rachel Squelch
    Contact - Starring AL1IEN
    Zulu -- The Ultimate PileUp!!
    Fifth Element -- Story about a 4 element yagi starring Bruce Willis
    Custer's Last QSO -- He left the Sabers, Gatling Guns & HT's at the Fort!!!

    ZULU Dawn -- Durnford didn't do well either!!
    ZULU Dawn -- GrayLine Prequel

    M1SH MASH -- With RF Burns
    Gone With The Windom -- The Sequel
    Nightmare On Elmer Street -- With JA1SON

    VERTICAL!! Directed By Alfred Switchbox
    Name is James, Call is B0ND -- Agent 0073

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