• QCWA: It's For The Long Time Ham

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    "QCWA: It's For The Long Time Ham"
    Written By Daryl Stout, WX4QZ
    QCWA Life Member

    The Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) was founded in 1947,
    as a non-commercial association of amateur radio operators, organized
    for the promotion of interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation, for the establishment and advancement of the radio
    art, and of the public welfare. To qualify for membership, one must
    provide proof of being first licensed at least 25 years ago, and be
    currently licensed. The license term does not have to be continuous.
    Yearly and Life Memberships are available, and there are also regional
    chapters located across the world. They have gatherings at the yearly
    Orlando Hamcation in February, and at the Xenia Hamvention in Ohio in
    May...and do QSO Parties on both RF and CQ100 in early March each year.
    They also have weekly nets on 20 meters voice and 40 meters Morse Code,
    on CQ100, and on the QuadNet Array, via D-Star, DMR, WIRES, or Fusion.
    Full details are on the internet at www.qcwa.org


    1) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Licensed at least a quarter century, and still on the bands.
    The original wireless mode, the radio amateur there.
    Those before us, elmered us, all because they cared.

    2) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Experience and knowledge, there to lend a hand.
    Operating on the air, DXing, or contests.
    QRP, Mountaintop, or modes we find the best.

    3) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Operate above reproach; and not as a sham.
    QSO Parties to enjoy, and our weekly nets.
    Many friends for you to make, you will not regret.

    4) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Preparing for emergencies, readying our plans.
    We work parades, bike-a-thons, there to meet a need;
    Communications for those involved, doing it all for free.

    5) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    We give back to radio, with classes and exams.
    Whether it's new license, or an upgrade gained.
    So much exists for you to do, in license class, obtained.

    6) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    No matter what your license class, with us, you can stand.
    Novice, Technician, General, Advanced, or Amateur Extra, there;
    No matter what modes you operate; your choice, we don't care.

    7) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Gatherings at hamfests, in vacation plans.
    While elite of the hobby, elitists we are not.
    Looking for new contacts, and for the sunspots.

    8) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Writing books, doing forums, at hamfests, 'cross the land.
    We share the knowledge we have gained, for those who want to learn.
    All that's with the hobby, no limits where to turn.

    9) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Around the world, part of us, from each and every land.
    Local chapters there as well, for eyeball QSO's.
    So much in the hobby there, all you cannot know.

    10) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Awards and certificates, for the modes and bands.
    Yearly or Life Member, it's your choice to do.
    Monthly news, there to read, download there, and view.

    11) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    Decals, mugs, badges there, QSL cards, stamps.
    Embroidered hats and shirts as well, membership supplies.
    Lapel Pins and other things, there for you to buy.

    12) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    We also there fund scholarships, for ham students plans.
    Current members nominate those, who are deserving there.
    To help them through their studies, to graduate, prepared.

    13) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    In years of being licensed, knowledge has been crammed.
    So much now, for you to share, with hams young and old.
    Like the Christmas rig you got; joy there to behold.

    14) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    While it is a hobby, life makes other plans.
    Ham licenses for a 10 year term; reminder to renew.
    A service to our members, is part of what we do.

    15) QCWA; it's for the long time ham.
    No matter how much on the air, working on the bands.
    If licensed at least 25 years, and licensed today.
    We'd love to have you join us, and what we do, each day.

    From the "My Testimony --To Soar With Jesus Collection".
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