• Ham Radio Glossary (#)

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    From QRZ.Com, the Icom handout, and Part 97 Of The FCC Rules -
    Ham Radio Glossary - An overview of amateur radio terms.

    "Slashed Zero" - distinguishes a ZERO from the letter "O". Intended to
    resolve ambiguity in callsigns like ""W0OF". Not needed for callsigns like "W0RK". Can be produced by pressing Alt-216 () on your PC keyboard
    (Note: you must use the numeric keypad, not the numbers across the top row
    of the keyboard. This method should work in most PC-based editors such as e-mail clients, word processors, etc.)

    "Best Regards" (Source: "Morse Code: The Essential Language", 2nd Ed.,
    ARRL Publishing)

    "May God Bless You And Yours". (thanks to the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship Net at www.carf.net).

    An old glass vacuum tube, several inches tall and around. Also, slang for a beer, as in "there's nothing like a cold 807 on a hot Arizona afternoon" (thanks to W7QY). According to our friends in Ireland, a pint of Guinness
    is known as a "Black 807" (thanks to GI4FUE).

    "Hugs" and/or "Kisses"
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