• Forty Years Of HandiHams

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    "Forty Years Of Handi-Hams"
    Written by Daryl Stout, WX4QZ

    1) Forty years of Handi-Hams, the celebration sings;
    Of its varied history, the changes that it brings.
    W Zero Zed S W, began it long ago.
    And, what it has become today, Ned Carman could not know.

    2) Forty years of Handi-Hams, Rochester it began;
    Then all of Minnesota, and all across the land.
    Now, worldwide, it is known, success for all to see.
    Ham Radio help to everyone with disability.

    3) Forty years of Handi-Hams, Courage Center run,
    The learning process that they do, makes the hobby fun.
    Helping hams get their license, upgrading after that.
    Gaining skills they'll use for life...just like it's old hat.

    4) Forty years of Handi-Hams, and daily on air nets.
    Both RF nets and Echolink, a checkin you can get.
    California and Minnesota, Radio Camps there are.
    To learn the hobby, fellowship, with hams from near and far.

    5) Forty years of Handi-Hams, to all the volunteers
    We celebrate all of their work, and give our hearty cheers.
    To keep the dream alive forever, of Ned Carman's plans,
    I'm proud to be part of this group, Courage Handi-Hams.

    From the "My Testimony --To Soar With Jesus Collection".
    Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2019 by Daryl Stout.
    All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry
    will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The "Soar
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