• Ode To Ham Test Online

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/33 to All on Thu Sep 10 00:05:39 2020
    NOTE: Originally, the site offered U.S. and Canadian Ham Radio license
    exams. However, the site no longer offers the Canadian Ham Radio exams.


    "Ode To Ham Test Online"
    Written by Daryl Stout, WX4QZ

    1) Thoughout its varied history, in many modes and forms.
    Ham Radio helped communicate, in the calm and storms.
    From Novice up through Extra, and code exams to take.
    Gaining radio privileges, and new friends to make.

    2) The material can be daunting, it seems too much to learn.
    That it'd be impossible, a license class to earn.
    Many ways do exist, to both study and prepare.
    Then pass a test, a callsign get, and get on the air.

    3) Some take a class, a study group, or go it alone.
    But, there's a great way to prepare, right from your own home.
    Set up on the Internet, it's called Ham Test Online.
    You study at your own pace, and do it on your time.

    4) No downloading of software is needed from the site.
    All the data that you need, the question pools are right.
    Everything is web based, your browser to explore,
    Having all that you'd expect, and yet so much more.

    5) It has the 3 U.S. exams, and ones from Canada, too.
    Active learning, practice tests, but no Morse Code to do.
    Try it now for yourself, 50 questions free.
    They're so sure you'll pass the test, they give this guarantee.

    6) A two year subscription will get you on your way.
    But, if the adequate study time, fails you on test day.
    Just send them proof of failure of the license test,
    Your subscription cost will be refunded, just by this request.

    7) But of the people who signed up, their time, it was well spent.
    Those who've asked for refunds, were less than one percent.
    The cost of the subscription is less than all the books
    You'd have to buy from many places, you would have to look.

    8) I never thought I'd ever more, than a Technician be.
    But in 4 weeks, upgrade I did, to Extra Class, you see.
    Now I operate across the bands, and many modes so fine,
    And, I'll always be a thankful ham, to Ham Test Online.

    From the "My Testimony --To Soar With Jesus Collection".
    Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2019 by Daryl Stout.
    All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry
    will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The "Soar
    With Jesus" Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison,
    and it is used by permission. **************************************************************************
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