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    HAM RADIO OPERATIONAL NEWS - IT'S A CONTACT SPORT--------------NOW CONTEST WISE:---------------2022----------------------------IARU HF World ChampionshipNEXT contest is THIS weekend July 9 and 10.(ref)--------------WIA Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest16 JULThe Trans-Tasman contest, held on the 3rd weekend in Julyaims to encourage Low Band activity between VK and ZLHi Contesters,This is Alan VK4SN. Yes the Trans-Tasman contest is almost upon us.On Saturday night, the 16th of July, The contest kicks off at 0800Zand ends at 1400z. That's 6pm to midnight AEST.Amateurs in VK and ZL will endeavour to contact other amateurs inVK and ZL on 160, 80 and 40 meters, using SSB, CW, and RTTY/PSK.The contest is made up of 3 individual two hour blocks where you canrework stations again in the new block. Categories include SOHP,SOLP, and SO QRP. MultiOP-one Tx, and MultiOp Multi transmitter.What does QRP, low and high power mean:QRP is up to 5wattsLow power is 5 to 100 wattsHigh power is 100 to 400 wattsLogs are due by 7 days after the contest and can be submitted viavklogchecker.com in Cabrillo 3 format.Thanks to Geoff ZL3GA for promoting the contest for our ZL neighboursSee the WIA website for all the rules.https://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/transtasman/73 de Alan VK4SN.--------------RSGB IOTA Contest is July 30 - 31st(SouthGate)--------------WIA RD or Remembrance Day ContestWeekend closest to the 15th August each year.2022 its Sat Sun August 13 and 14--------------ALARA CONTEST AUGUST 27 and 28alara.org.au(vk5maz)--------------WIA - NZART OCEANIA CONTESTPHONE - First full weekend in October0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC SundayCW - Second full weekend in October0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC SundayLog deadline for ALL logs - 31 October.--------------WIA VHF - UHF FIELD DAYSSPRING 2022 is in NOVEMBER----------------------------DX WINDOW----------------------------The 'DXCC Most Wanted' list has been updated.Topping the list is North Korea in 1st place and is unlikely toappear on the air anytime soon.Bouvet Island is in second place and Crozet Island in third place,with both islands to be activated by DXpeditions later this year.--------------Now my four to strive for :-Z 81 D from Juba in South Sudan until the 11th of September.Activity is holiday style.QSL Z 81 D via OM 3 JW.(RSGB)--------------In the World of DX, be listening on the HF bands for 8N65JP, thespecial call sign being used by the Japan Amateur Radio League'sOkinawa Branch. Hams are marking the 50th anniversary of the returnof the Okinawa Prefecture to Japan from United States administration.The callsign 8 N 650 JP is active through the 30th of September.QSOs will be confirmed automatically through the bureau.--------------JAN MAYEN, JX. Helge, LB4MI is QRV as JX/LB4MI until early October.Activity is in his spare time on 20 and 17 meters using SSB.QSL to home call LB4MI(arrl)--------------INDONESIA.7B2C, 7B2E, 7B2T, 7B2H and 7B2O are QRV until the end of Octoberto celebrate the Javanese-Hindu Ceto Temple that was built in 1475.Activity is on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters using SSB and FT8.QSL via operators' instructions.(arrl)
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