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    Government Shutdowns And Licenses

    Unfortunately, at times, a budgetary impasse within Congress, or if
    the President does not sign a budget into law (either via a Continuing Resolution (CR)), or a full budget prior to the government fiscal year
    that starts October 1, portions of the U.S. government "shut down".
    Work considered essential to the protection of life and property
    continues, but "non-essential" departments are shuttered, and their
    workers are sent home. Those who still work (such as with the TSA at
    airports, and the U.S. Coast Guard) do so without pay. Except for the government contractors, all will receive back pay when the government
    shutdown ends, and the agencies reopen.

    One of the agencies affected by the shutdown is the FCC. During this
    time, they will NOT process any applications for new, renewal, or
    upgraded amateur radio licenses, callsign changes, etc. The VE Teams
    can send the results to their particular VEC, but the VEC can't key
    the data to the FCC until the shutdown ends.

    Now, if ones license enters the 90 day window prior to expiration,
    they can file the renewal, and continue to operate, even if their
    license expires during the shutdown. However, if they wait until the
    shutdown ends to file the renewal, it'll have to get to the FCC within
    two (2) days, or the license will be expired. Once a license expires,
    the amateur radio operator is QRT (off the air). And, as noted above,
    if the license lapses (expires more than 2 years), they have to start
    all over, by passing the Technician Class exam, and getting a new ham
    radio callsign.

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    License Terms

    Ham Radio licenses are good for ten (10) years, and they may be renewed ninety (90) days prior to expiration...NO SOONER. However, if you have a
    change of address due to a move, you may MODIFY your license in that
    regard AT ANY TIME. If the FCC is unable to deliver mail to you, your
    ham radio license, and operating privileges can be suspended and/or
    revoked until your address is corrected. Operation without a license
    can result in a stiff monetary forfeiture (a fine) and imprisonment,
    plus confiscation of your ham radio equipment...fines range from $7500
    to $10,000, if not more. There is NO CHARGE for changing the address on
    an amateur radio license...otherwise, any callsign or other changes now
    cost you $35 per transacation, as of April 19, 2022.

    However, if you did not renew, you may NOT operate on an EXPIRED ham
    radio license...whether it's during a government shutdown, or not. But,
    you have a two (2) year "grace period" if your ham radio license has
    expired, to reinstate your license. This "holds" your license class
    privileges and callsign, until your license is renewed. As noted above,
    the FCC will NOT process the renewal of an expired license during a
    government shutdown...only after it ends.

    But, if you do not renew your license before it expires, and do nothing during the 2 year grace period, both your license and callsign will be FORFEITED. At that point, you have NO AUTHORITY to operate on the ham
    radio bands, and it'll be as if you had NEVER taken a test!!

    To get back on the air with the previous license class that you held,
    you MUST take, AT MINIMUM, the Technician Class license, in order to get
    back into amateur radio.

    However, once an expired ham radio callsign passes the 2 year grace
    period, anyone can apply for it under the Vanity Callsign system. So,
    if you LOSE your current callsign, there is a chance that you may NOT
    get it back!!

    Also, if you upgrade your license to General or Amateur Extra, only the license class will change...the license expiration date will remain the
    same. Only new licensees, or those receiving a Vanity Callsign, get a
    fresh 10 year term...whether Technician, General, or Amateur Extra. I've
    known hams who walked into a test session without a license, and walked
    out with an Amateur Extra Class license...while not easy to do, it can be

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