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    The Triple Play:

    The Ham Radio Wedding, The Honeymoon & More, & Ham For The Holidays

    Written By Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Webmaster, Cabot Nightflyers Net
    Updated Nov. 6, 2015

    Please email me at wx4qz@arrl.net with questions, comments, corrections,

    This file is a combination of 3 presentations in one.

    The first one was "The Ham Radio Wedding", which united Ham and Radio in
    Holy Telephony, which was done on Valentine's Day Weekend, 2012.

    Nine months later (for obvious reasons), we had, from a trusted group of Official Observers (hi hi), "The Honeymoon And More"...which detailed the honeymoon, and the harmonics early years. The last one, planned for July,
    2013, along the line of a "Christmas in July" theme, we have "Ham For The Holidays". Based on the melody of "The 12 Days Of Christmas", it was
    modified for "The 12 Days Of Hamming", detailing 12 items in the ham radio hobby.

    Unfortunately, due to equipment failure and other issues, the combination "Triple Play" for theCabot Nightflyers Net, did not occur. With a lack of recordings, plus changing of my callsign, the removal of a YouTube video
    of a wedding at a ham radio club, and changes in the issuance of a paper
    copy of ham radio licenses (among other things), the script has been
    redone into one file.

    If these are done on the air, you will need to give pauses to reset the repeaters, Echolink Nodes, etc. - and I ask that yours truly, Daryl Stout, WX1DER, be given credit for the material. I have made the file available
    for all to download and use, to bring a little humor into ones day, as
    there's so little to laugh at in the world today. You may wish to edit
    the "personal comments" that I have made...and for the net name...but
    keeping the comments may add a bit of "extra flavor" to the presentation.

    This is especially true for those who are Volunteer Examiners, who have
    had similar experiences at license exam sessions that I have noted in
    "Ham ForThe Holidays".

    Those who are not ham radio operators may not understand all the pun
    humor; but those who are hams, will likely bust out laughing. So, before
    doing these on the air, you might want to advise people to make a quick restroom trip, not be eating or drinking, or pull off to the side of the

    Otherwise, they may have a mess on their hands...or worse, wreck their

    Besides the 3 segments, there are 4 digital mode sound files...CW, PSK31,
    RTTY, and Packet.

    And, there are also short Third party traffic segments...all these as
    part of "The Ham Radio Wedding". The Third Party Traffic is courtesy of
    fellow computer bulletin board system operator, Tim Cornett...who is not
    a licensed ham radio operator.

    You may download these from the Cabot Nightflyers website at http://www.thecabotnightflyers.net (note the NEW domain name).

    Click on the Navigation tab "The Nightflyers Net", and scroll down to the
    link with "The Triple Play" - MP3 sound files. You'll obviously need a compatible MP3 player to hear them.

    While ham radio is a hobby, some of us joke as if it is an obsession!! So,
    with credit and glory to The Lord Jesus Christ for the inspiration; and
    with extensive research in the "creative juices department", I've
    determined what a "ham radio wedding"...plus a "ham radio honeymoon",
    and "Ham ForThe Holidays" might be like. Please note that these are "fun skits", done "tongue in cheek", as it were. The skits are NOT actual
    weddings, honeymoons, or holiday events; although the "Ham For The
    Holidays" segment comes close.

    This is because in real life, a bona fide wedding requires an Ordained Minister, Justice Of The Peace, etc. to officiate the ceremony...and,
    the couple has to have a marriage license, among other things. I know
    that myself, having been originally married in 2003, but I've been a
    widower since 2007.

    As an aside, when my bride to be and I went to get our marriage license,
    the county clerk made a mistake, entering her birth year as 1658, instead
    of 1958. I quipped "she sure looks good for 345 years of age", and she
    added "Well, I do sell Avon"!!

    Amidst the raucous laughter...the blushing, embarrassed clerk had to
    tear up the license she was typing, and start over. People in the
    Pulaski County Courthouse in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, had to
    enter the County Clerks office to ask "what is going on in there??",
    for all the laughter!! (hi hi).

    While there is a "ham radio license" noted in the skit, it's rather
    bizarre to consider the context that someone would actually marry a
    piece of electronic equipment!! Besides, think of all theissues
    surrounding "consummation of the relationship"...and that will be
    covered in "The Honeymoon And More" (hi hi).

    As noted, the humor has quite a bit of ham radio puns, also known as
    "a play on words"...and the beauty of the pun is in the groan of the recipient!! An example of a pun is that "The idea of a ham radio traders
    net might have gotten started when a pig was sold by a farmer to a
    Country Pawn Shop, and the transaction became known as the first
    Ham Hock".

    These skits were designed for a little levity, and a little bit of fun...
    as there is so little in the world to laugh at nowadays. There are
    several in central Arkansas, including yours truly, who fondly remember
    the "fertilizer nets", done by the late J.M. Jolly, W5ZXS (SK)...and I
    think he would've done something like this on that net.

    And now, the Cabot Nightflyers Net is proud to present tonight's training presentations...starting with "The Ham Radio Wedding"...enjoy.
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