• Ham Radio Glossary (I)

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    From QRZ.Com, the Icom handout, and Part 97 Of The FCC Rules -
    Ham Radio Glossary - An overview of amateur radio terms.

    A method of Morse Code keying. Holding both paddles at same time sends alternating dits and dahs (courtesy of VE3FFK).

    International Amateur Radio Permit. A document issued pursuant to the
    terms of the Inter-American Convention on an International Amateur Radio
    Permit by a country signatory to that Convention, other than the United
    States. Montrouis, Haiti.

    Integrated Circuit

    Intermediate Frequency
    Internally converted frequency for amplification and other signal

    IF shift
    A function that electronically shifts IF frequency from a center

    Inter-Modulation Distortion. Distortion within RF circuits made with
    upper and lower adjacent channel signals. Also see Intermod.

    Words, letters or numerals appended to and separated from the call sign
    during the station identification.

    Information bulletin
    A message directed only to amateur operators consisting solely of subject matter of direct interest to the amateur service.

    Derived from the expression "Intermodulation Distortion" (IMD). A problem caused in the receiver of a radio by a nearby transmitter's spurious
    signals which may fall on or very near to the receiver's receive frequency.
    In some cases, a perfectly clean transmitter (i.e., no spurious signals)
    can produce intermod if it overloads a receiver or if there is some other
    point for 3rd order intercept. Intermod which is close, but not necessarily right on, the receiver's frequency can cause the receiver to become less sensitive (also known as "desense"). This is seen in some areas, where
    there is a large proliferation of "pagers", as well as amateur radio

    International Morse code
    A dot-dash code as defined in ITU-T Recommendation F.1 (March, 1998),
    Division B, I. Morse code.

    "Islands on the Air"; for more information, please see http://www.islandchaser.com/.

    Slang for "IQ of zero"; an idiot (courtesy of GI4FUE).

    "International Reply Coupon". A system by which most country's postal
    systems provide a coupon which can be purchased, and then used by a
    sender in any other country to obtain return mail postage. This system
    allows you to provide return postage for those in another country,
    especially useful when you do not have access to that country's postage
    stamps or currency. IRC's are frequently used to assure return postage
    for a QSL card. For more information, please see QRZ's "QSL Corner" at http://www.qrz.com/qsl.html.

    International Telecommunication Union.
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