• The Ham Radio Pager

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/1 to All on Wed Jul 29 00:05:28 2020
    Another new items for The Ham Shack is "The Ham Pager". It looks
    like a TNC for packet, but it has the following lights and switches
    on the front, along with 2 antennas emanating from it, like a wireless
    router for a computer.

    1) A gray reset button, if the unit locks up.

    2) A red mute button that you press, if you want the unit to remain

    3) A green power light, which illuminates, when the unit is powered up.

    4) 5 Red lights, which illuminate, when the following are noted nearby:

    A) 2 for 1 Burgers

    B) Chinese Buffet

    C) Free Samples At Sam's Club

    D) Broken Down Krispy Kreme Truck

    E) Female On Repeater
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