• No New Rigs Allowed

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    A certain gentleman is washing the dishes in the kitchen sink after

    Yet, he wife is glaring at him from the entrance, and scolds him.

    "Look at you!! Tonight, it's washing dishes. Last night, it was
    folding laundry. The night before, it was vacuuming, and the night
    before, it was cleaning the bathrooms".

    "What part of "NO!! You are NOT buying a radio!!" do you not


    One ham had his shack in the basement of his residence. His wife
    wanted no part of the hobby. She also sternly told her husband that
    "you are NOT getting any new radios!!" (similar to what's noted
    above). But, she let him stay down in his "ham cave", as it gave
    her peace and quiet.

    Well, he was lucky in the fact that he had "a candy store" (a
    business selling ham radio gear (new and used)), and it also had a
    repair shop...similar to the former Amateur Electronic Supply (AES)
    main location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin...now owned by Ham Radio
    Outlet (HRO). AES has long since gone out of business, and to get
    your rig repaired now, you basically have to send it back to the
    manufacturer, most likely overseas.

    Anyway, he got the idea to take an empty box from one of his
    previously purchased rigs, as a "cover". He came up the stairs,
    and told his wife that "The main rig died, so I've got to take
    it to the shop for repair here in town. They have a great
    service department, and can get me a loaner or replacement
    rig". She said "Fine. I'll see you at dinner time", and he was
    off to the store.

    He came home just before supper, and he was elated. He told
    his wife that they fixed the rig, and it worked better than
    ever!! What he did NOT tell her, was that in that now former
    empty box, was a BRAND NEW RIG.

    That worked for awhile...until she finally figured out what
    was going on!!
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