• New Contesting Rig

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/1 to All on Wed Jul 29 00:05:10 2020
    There is a new Kenwood rig, the TS99900 Contesting Receiver. It
    combines the best of both worlds...ham radio, plus food and beverage.

    After all, if we're not talking about shop (ham radio) on the air,
    we're talking about food and beverage. So, this is a natural rig.

    Besides the default Kenwood rig, with 200 watt PEP SSB, it features:

    1) A Kenwood Microwave Oven (1500 watts, just like the maximum PEP),
    for cooking those fast snacks. Beware that if you consume ham, you
    are being cannibalistic!!

    2) A 10 cup Kenwood Coffee Pot and Maker...regular, decaf, or however
    you like your cup of Java.

    3) A 2.3 Cubic Foot Refrigerator for fruits, luncheon meats (see the
    note above on eating ham), and beverages. Note that the size on 807's
    is limited.

    Note that actual output of the rig may vary, depending on the amount
    of appliances running!!
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