• Ham Radio Awards

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/1 to All on Tue Jul 28 00:04:52 2020
    AWARDS --

    WAN -- Worked All Neighbors
    WAS -- Worked All Streets (and u thought it was States)
    RAGD -- Raised All Garage Doors
    WAOO -- Worked All Official Observers
    BERC -- Bought Expensive Radio Cheap (TS-950SDX at $300.00???)
    QRP -- ESP QSO With A W6
    5WAN -- Five Band Worked All Neighbors (easy one)
    TOR -- Timed Out Repeater
    TOP -- Timed Out Propagation
    BAL -- Bored All listeners
    TORA -- Timed Out Repeater Again
    WANA -- Worked All Neighbors Again
    WACO -- Worked All Club Officers
    TACD -- Tested all Commercial Devices (Dirty Linear):
    Worked the Phone, TV, All Audio Devices, Door Bells,
    Burgler Alarms, Paper Shredder, Garage Doors,
    Cell Phones et al.
    TAC -- Terrorized All Critters (Same Dirty Linear)
    On Key up: Dogs Howl, Birds Go Goofy,
    Cat scurries under Couch
    and all rodents leave the premesis!!!!
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