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    So ... I had some extra google money laying around so I registered rgbbs.info ... mainly so I could have a email account that I could use for

    So whoes running that renegadebbs.info domain?

    I gave it to ... I dunno who when I shut down, then MRO has it ... he chang my setup I had for it and wouldn't put the latest ver on it, so I figured I throw it up on my new domain then.

    old msg but i found it while scanning.
    nobody gave me the domain, nobody gave me webfiles for the domain.

    i set it up with links to github and hosted the old files.
    bbsfiles doug directed whatever rg domain he had to the one lux and i run.
    not sure if that works still.

    anyways, rg is a big programming mess. i dont think lee palmer added
    anything good to renegade. he didnt steer it in any good direction.
    people are better off running older versions of rg in my opinion.

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